Commercial Painting Services

Hester Painting & Decorating is the premier commercial painting contractor for Chicago, IL. Much more than ladders and brushes, our team of over 75 highly-trained professionals delivers impeccable results for your commercial setting. From painting to wallcovering installation to challenging exteriors, we are the go-to source for commercial painting in the Windy City.

Why Choose Hester Painting & Decorating For Your Chicago Commercial Painting Project?

Our detailed experts enjoy a Consumer Approval Rating of over 99 percent satisfaction from the Franklin Report. Hester Painting & Decorating’s methods have also earned multiple awards from Better Magazine and Best of Houzz, including “Best of the North Shore.” We attribute our success to our industry-leading standards, which include ongoing employee training, professional certifications, environmental safeguards, and adherence to top OSHA safety standards.

With this established reputation, Hester Painting & Decorating has forged long-standing relationships with many commercial businesses, schools, condo associations, property managers, and warehouse facilities managers. General Contractors and business owners throughout Chicagoland have come to trust our team to deliver efficient, reliable service for each and every commercial painting project.

Commercial Painting & Decorating Services

Commercial Exterior Painting

Your exterior creates an impression of your company before they even enter your business or office.

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Commercial Interior Painting

When your customer walks through your door, you want to wow them with a beautiful, clean interior.

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Additional Commercial
Decorating Services

Logos & Faux Finishing

Hester Painting & Decorating can hand paint your corporate logo on any surface where traditional signage will not work.

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Elastomeric Weatherproof Coating

Elastomeric coatings are water and weatherproofing systems that provide longer life and higher performance than traditional paint.

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Wallcovering Installation

New wallcoverings can dramatically transform, protect and increase the value of your property. Hotels and lobbies become more welcoming, corporate board rooms and offices become more innovative workplaces and hospitals become more conducive to healing.

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Antimicrobial Paint & Coatings

A new coat of paint makes surfaces look fresh and clean, but did you know there is a special antimicrobial paint that can provide a layer of added protection from hazardous bacteria and help keep you healthy?

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Parking Lot and Warehouse Striping

First impressions matter! So when your customers and employees pull up to your working space, leave an impression of an organized space straight off the bat.

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Drywall Taping

Drywalls are a popular solution for your interior needs, but only with the right finishing and drywall taping services will your commercial spaces look seamless.

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Project Types

Apartments & Condominiums

Depending on the circumstances, painting at a multi-unit residential complex means serving and satisfying several different groups. Respecting our client’s space, time, and privacy has always been a major component of our success.

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Whether the change is taking place inside your bank’s building or the color schemes are staying the same, keeping your branch clean and freshly painted is one of the most cost-effective ways of reassuring customer loyalty.

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Common Area Renovations

Whether you’re looking to complete a full common area renovation or a simple maintenance painting project, Hester Painting & Decorating can service your needs without interrupting the normal routine of the property.

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Office Building Painting

Whether you own and operate buildings to house your business or lease to others, a well-maintained facade will create a lasting impression.

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Healthcare Painting

Keeping a safe and sanitary facility is an ongoing challenge for healthcare facilities, and Hester Painting & Decorating can partner with you to meet these challenges.

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Pharmaceutical Plants

Pharmaceutical manufacturing takes place in a highly controlled environment. Scheduled maintenance shutdowns have a huge impact on your bottom line. Knowing coating performance is just as important as knowing the job will be completed on schedule.

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Hotels & Banquet Facilities

No matter the type of facility, season, or occupancy fluctuations, Hester Painting & Decorating can engineer a repainting project with minimal impact on your operations and guests.

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Tenant Improvements

Every 5 to 10 years certain improvements to your rental facilities are needed to keep the space fresh and clean. Call us for all of your Tenant Improvement needs.

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Places of Worship

Not just another building, Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques are special places to their communities. Several considerations make painting the inside and outside of these facilities different from all others.

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The interior and exterior in active restaurants can take a beating. You and your employees don’t see the day-to-day damages on walls and other surfaces like your customers do.

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Schools & Colleges

Schools are usually painted when students are not around, mostly weekends, summertime, and holidays. Beyond the academic schedule, these buildings have a variety of important paint and preparation considerations that require our kind of experience.

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Facility Maintenance

Proper maintenance is not just a necessity that keeps your commercial space spotless, it is also a money saving tactic for the overall painting & decorating needs of your facilities.

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Keep your retail space inviting and on brand with our professional painting services. Your customers will appreciate the delicate touch and attention to details.

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Since 1968, we have served thousands of warehouses and distribution centers throughout Chicago and its suburbs.

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When you take in the view from the Willis Tower, or when you leave Chicago’s lanes of traffic behind, you get a sense of how incredibly big the Windy City really is. You know that in a place this big, commercial painting contractors are a dime a dozen. A superb painting and decorating specialist is indeed a rare commodity. Hester Painting & Decorating offers the experienced painting talent you need, along with the specialized customer service you desire. We’ve been enhancing commercial properties throughout the Chicago region for over 55 years, and we look forward to continued relationships with the business owners here.

“Jim Guthrie and his team (specifically Dennis and Florin) feel like an extension of our own company. They feel a sense of pride in the work that they perform for us and that is visible every time.”

Erik GardstromLoDestro Construction Company

5 Star Ratings for Quality, Courteousness, Responsiveness and Overall Satisfaction. Hester is a good value, with a good client rep and accurate, timely billing.

Tom RobertsonJones Lang LaSalle

To reach a custom commercial painting contractor for the enhancement of your Chicago, IL property, contact the professionals at Hester Painting & Decorating today: (847) 677-5130 or [email protected].