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Beautiful Examples of Hester Painting & Decorating Wallcovering Work


The “fish in powder room” is an exotic example of how our incredibly talented craftspeople can make almost any client ideas come to life with this eye-catching wallcovering installation.

Felt Wallcovering

Our wallcovering installers can install all kinds of interesting, unique and delicate wallpapers that most companies have no experience installing.  Our installers have decades of experience and can install it all.

Before and After

Our long-time client had terrible water damage from the condo above them. As you can see it was a disaster. We were able to accommodate their emergency timing, and immediately got our team in to remove the damaged areas, clean the area, replace the drywall, prep and repaint the entire room. By the end, the client was ecstatic and so appreciative of the rush job and the wonderful results.

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Unique Wallcovering

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