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Level 5 finishing is a professional skill that involves preparing the surfaces for the highest possible level of drywall finishes. When you hire Hester Painting and Decorating, our experts apply a high-quality skim coat over your walls to cover the nails, tape, compound, and wall materials from the naked eye, creating a perfected and completed result.

For Residential projects, it is applied to walls for a few purposes:

  • Wallcovering manufacturers require it under their most delicate or thin wallcovering
  • For surfaces that will receive a mural installation
  • For walls and ceilings that will receive a high gloss finish

For Commercial projects, it is applied to walls for the following purposes:

  • For walls receiving high resolution graphics and murals
  • For walls receiving Dry Erase Boards, Idea Paint, Fuze – writable surfaces
  • For wall receiving DI-NOC wood finishes and other thin natural fibers

Level 5 finish makes a significant difference in the visual and quality of topcoats and wallcovering.

When you want a headache-free experience for your painting or wallcovering needs, always contact Hester!

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