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As a result of the recent blizzard, many areas of Chicago and nearby suburbs are experiencing heavy snow, ice, and water accumulations. As a homeowner it is important you take the steps to protect your home from risks associated with heavy snow and ice build up.

Some concerns you should have of what may happen to your home are interior water damage from ice dams and structural damage. Ice dams are very common after heavy snowfall followed by the bright sun rays melting the snow periodically but frequent. Ice dams occur because the overhangs at the edge of your roof tend to be colder than the rest of the roof causing the melting water to refreeze when it reaches the overhangs. This creates a dam that prevents water from draining and the water can then back up underneath the roof making its way into your home. Then of course structural damage can also occur when the weight of the ice and snow exceed the amount the home can handle causing damage to your roof. This most often happens with flat roofs and older buildings.

If you have a flat roof that can easily be reached from the interior stairway, simply shovel what you can off the roof. Just remember SAFETY FIRST! You should always make sure you are securely strapped to something when on a roof, especially during the winter with the slippery ice. If you have a sloped roof, you may be able to use a roof rake or other tool designed for this purpose to rake off the snow. It is not necessary to remove all the snow, just remove a few feet of snow to eliminate some of the weight.

Keep your windowsills, steps, thresholds and decks clear of snow and standing water. Flat Areas like these are vulnerable to wear and damage from extensive amounts of time with snow or water settling on them throughout the winter.

However, if you are ever in doubt leave it to a professional. You are going to want to act fast before any serious damage occurs. If you are concerned or are already experiencing damage to your home email Hester Painting & Decorating at [email protected] and we will get to you as quickly as possible.

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