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Prepare The Home Front For A Cold Front

Tips from Hester Painting & Decorating for homeowners on steps to take before winter strikes

Skokie, Ill. (Nov. 10, 2010) – Wise homeowners remember that Chicago winters bring harsh winds and brutal precipitation.  With autumn receding, the time is right for homeowners to assess and prepare their homes to help avoid costly repairs come spring.

Take preventative action” said Jeff Hester, vice president of Hester Painting & Decorating.  “A little effort now will save you time and money.”

Hester suggests homeowners inspect the following “hot spots” before the first snow hits to protect the value of their homes.

  • Painted areas – Walk all the way around your home’s exterior looking for exposed wood.  Touch up any cracked, chipping or peeling paint.
  • Gutters – Clear out debris.  Leaves and dirt can trap water leading to interior wall and ceiling damage.
  • Windowsills, steps, thresholds and decks – Flat areas are vulnerable.  Replace any rusted nails and screws.  As best you can, clear your horizontal surfaces of settling snow and water throughout the winter.
  • Windows and Doors – Replace any worn weather stripping on exterior doors.  Caulk windows to prevent mildew and keep energy bills lower.
  • Outdoor furniture – Move your painted or stained patio furniture indoors or to a garage or storage unit.  If that is not possible, at least cover the pieces with a secure tarp.
  • Exhaust flaps – Easily overlooked by humans, exhaust vents can be inviting havens for birds.  Check for and remove any nests that might stop warm air from escaping and create moisture build up in the walls.  Install protective wire cages.

To help identify areas needing maintenance, Hester Painting & Decorating offers homeowners an Exterior Maintenance program.  This includes a free, comprehensive review of the home’s exterior condition, including a detailed evaluation, cost estimates and timelines for suggested repairs.  To join or learn more about the program, contact Steve Hester at 847-677-5130, ext 11.

Founded more than forty years ago, Hester Painting & Decorating became one of the first Chicagoland firms to receive EPA lead-certification in 2010.  Hester Painting & Decorating provides homes and high-profile commercial establishments with high-end decorating services.  Widely regarded as a leader in the fields of painting, faux finishing, and exterior and interior maintenance, Hester Painting & Decorating utilizes an enormous repertoire of finishes and wall covering techniques to create unique environments for its clients.  More information about franchising opportunities and other services offered by Hester Painting & Decorating is available at (847) 677-5130

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