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Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2015

Benjamin Moore came out with the Color Trends 2015. A year of monochromatic colors to them feels just about right. Through research gathered while traveling around the world, Benjamin Moore came out with four color families. They created Berry, Green, Blush, and Blue paint palettes and their choice for color of the year is Guilford Green (HC-116).

The first collection of colors Benjamin Moore was looking to carry on the tradition but with a little twist. For the Berry family of colors consists of Guilford Green, Carter Plum, Old Claret, Portland Gray, Cinnamon Slate, Caponato, Chantilly Lace, Pink Damask, and Universal Black. The Green family consisted of Timothy Straw, Jack Pine, Seahorse, High Park, Split Pea, Antique Jade, and Guilford Green all inspired by the citrus grove. In Color Trends 2015, Benjamin Moore wanted a more soft and romantic approach, so they decide on Soft Sand,  Pink Damask, Silver Fox, Chantilly Lace, Halo, and Guilford Green for their Blush family of colors. In the 4th family, Benjamin Moore predicted a cool blue family with Blue Hydrangea, Patriotic White, Blue Danube, Harbor Frog, Guilford Green, and Oxford Gray.

To get a good look at Benjamin Moore’s color forecast, visit their website at

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