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It takes a special skill set to work in occupied spaces and get it right, fast and efficiently. Those tasked with painting healthcare facilities need to keep these tips and best practices in mind. Still, ultimately the best way to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff is by hiring professional commercial painters, like Hester Painting & Decorating.

To get the job done right means as much minor disruption as possible. It takes true professionals who are skilled in their craft and trained to be cognizant of the customer’s needs.

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Always Focusing on Safety

Painting the interior of a healthcare facility — or any commercial facility — is generally a multi-phase process that starts with planning. All safety hazards of the painting process need to be clearly communicated to staff before any work starts. The painted areas need to be isolated from patients due to the inherent risk and danger to already-compromised patients. And of course, all Covid-19 safety precautions also have to be a top priority.

Choosing the Best Finish

Healthcare facilities get much more consistent and rigorous cleaning and sanitization than other commercial buildings, which means you should choose a paint that holds up. Semi-gloss finishes are much easier to clean and don’t show defects like scratches or dings as easily. Some paint manufacturers also carry lines of antimicrobial finishes designed specifically for use in medical facilities, and other options would be scuff-resistant paints.

Schedule Accordingly

A key goal for painting healthcare facilities is to avoid impacting patients, employees, and guests. Our team of craftsmen at Hester can paint on nights, weekends, or even holidays — especially if it means avoiding disruption to normal operating hours.

Choose Hester for all of your healthcare facility painting and maintenance needs.

Before choosing just any painting contractor for your hospital or healthcare facility, consult with our team at Hester. We have decades of experience in this industry. We have the tools and resources to understand how to complete your healthcare facility painting project on time and on budget while following health and safety guidelines.

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