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Hester Painting has discovered a unique niche – commercial painting for the telecom industry.

It’s probably happened to you in the past week – you’re in the middle of an important phone call, you walk inside a building and the person you’re talking to all of a sudden sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher, or worse, the call drops. It’s so frustrating. The percentage of business conducted through phones and other mobile devices has increased exponentially over the past five years, so a fragmented conversation or a dropped call means lost business.

Think about how you and your employees conduct business. Hester Painting and Decorating Field Supervisors and painters use their phones inside multiple buildings every day. We rely on and expect good connectivity to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

The telecom industry estimates that 60 percent of mobile phone calls and 70 percent of data usage occur inside buildings. According to a recent survey done for telecom systems provider SpiderCloud Wireless, 61 percent of larger U.S. offices have noticeably poor indoor cellular reception. Similar results were found with regard to large apartment complexes.

Telecom companies, building owners and third party vendors, a.k.a. telecom consultants, are striving to get ahead of this problem. It requires not only a shift in mindset, but also one in architecture, design and facility management. Enter the distributed antenna system or DAS, which is being mounted at stadiums, airports, universities, hospitals, convention centers, high-rise towers, and other large-scale properties. Meanwhile, smaller-scale products are becoming popular in office buildings, hotels, industrial warehouses, shopping centers, and other facilities where better phone service is no longer optional, but a mandatory requirement in today’s technology driven culture.

Hester Painting is a leading commercial painting contractor for Chicago and North Shore area businesses.

This shift has created a unique niche for the commercial painting industry. The majority of these indoor cell antennas are being installed in existing properties, which means multiple trades are involved in the process. In most cases, services of a general contractor, an electrician, and a painter are required. The work ranges from repairing the holes and touching up the ceilings, corridors and tenant spaces where a large antenna has been installed, or camouflaging the area where a small-scale antenna has been placed.

Hester Commercial Painting has completed three large commercial painting projects for entire buildings over the past 18 months. While the concept is trending, the actual work we perform is quite similar to what we do on a daily basis. If you have an antenna project – large or small – in your future, please contact us. Our experience and professionalism will exceed your expectations.

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