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American Blues Theater’s Renovation

American Blues Theater stands as a prominent small theater in the nation, intertwining art with service in its mission.

Established in July 1985 by a group of dedicated artists, the theater is committed to presenting both new and classic American narratives that delve into the essence of American identity.

Hester Decorating was honored to contribute to the creation of the theater’s inaugural home, providing meticulous attention to detail in both exterior and interior refurbishments. This included treatments such as spray application of protective coatings on the exterior brick and intricate faux finishes to enhance the interior aesthetics.

The transformation from an ordinary Dollar Store, marred by water damage, into a vibrant cultural hub speaks volumes about the collaborative efforts of all involved, including the general contractor, LoDestro Construction.

Through this project, American Blues Theater not only gained a permanent residence but also became a valuable addition to the local community, enriching the cultural landscape for artists and patrons alike.

Reach out to the Hester Painting & Decorating team for more information or check out our American Blues Theater case study for more details.

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