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The Passing of Tom Hester, Our Founder and Beloved Patriarch

It is with great sorrow that we share that Thomas J. Hester, age 82, passed away on April 25, 2020. A truly beautiful soul, he affected every person he met with his humor, pure joy, and unconditional love and acceptance. Born on the west side of Chicago, Tom served in the US Army and upon release, pursued his talent as a painter and entrepreneur, founding Hester Painting & Decorating in 1968. His eye for color and vision for design were unmatched. His unique faux finishes earned HPD the coveted top spot on the lists of designers and clients alike, a distinction that continues today.

An avid softball player into his 50’s, Tom’s team, the DieHards, was propelled to multiple championships by his spectacular pitching skills and the talent and competitive nature of his four sons who joined him on the field. He was proud of his Irish heritage and loved all things Irish from the music and dance, to the culture and history. Tom will affectionately always be remembered as Handsome Tom Hester (HTH).

His legacy will be carried on by Jeff, Tom, and Steve, and his truly unique skills and exceptional customer service will continue on as well, carrying the memory of his attention to detail, the twinkling of his blue eyes, and the promise of a good story!

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