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Severe Weather Outside – Can Mean Repairs Inside

When dealing with damages to your home, insist on the best quality repairs with your insurance agent. Water damaged walls and ceilings must be handled with expertise in order to prevent mildew and other problems. When you call Hester, we assess the dryness level carefully before beginning our repairs. Walls may look dry on the surface, but could still contain moisture within, which causes problems in the future.

Hester Painting & Decorating will assemble a detailed evaluation to submit to your insurance company. With 45 years of experience, we have built relationships with many insurance companies, and we will work with your adjuster to help ensure your claim is handled quickly and fairly on your behalf.

Call Hester Painting & Decorating to repair and repaint water damaged ceilings, walls, and woodwork after another winter of snow covered roofs and ice-clogged gutters.

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