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Helpful Tools To Pick Out the Right Color

It is always brings great joy when we get that call from someone who needs work done in their home. But sometimes our project managers run into a situation where the homeowner doesn’t know where to begin, leaving it up to the project manager to provide suggestions of colors, patterns, or wallcoverings for the client. First and foremost, we insist on calling a few of the many designers that work with us for their professional advice. However, working with a designer may not be in your budget, so we would still be able to help you pick out colors. There are so many colors to choose from, making it difficult to know the difference in tone between similar colors. However, this is why it is important to ask for the professional help because we have the connections, tools and platforms that can make your project go smoothly and you can have the finished project you dreamed of.





Fortunately, the world of technology has allowed paint manufactures such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams to create apps that assist your color choices! Their apps can be used on your phone or a tablet, and we can walk you through it. You simply take a picture of the room you want to be painted, and begin to pick out colors. As you pick a color, the application will replace the color of the walls with the color you chose giving you an idea of what the room could look like fully painted. This process can be more convenient than flipping through a color chart and holding it up to the wall to see if that little 2 inch by 2 inch color square looks good in your room.


Another way to receive help from your project manager is to ask for examples of their work that apply to your needs. Most if not all companies have some type of portfolio for you to access so that they can generate some ideas from past work that they have done. For example, at Hester Painting & Decorating, we use as one of our main platforms to post past projects that we have completed. Using this site we are able to create a portfolio with multiple projects from wallcoverings to faux finish to basic painted wall. Not only will this allow you to gather some ideas, but it also gives you the chance to see what type of work your painting contractor does, how professional they are and what the finished product will look like. Also, don’t forget to view your painting contractor’s main website. Take the time to look through the entire website and do your research on the company and the quality of their work. A professional looking website is a good example of a professional company. Their website is where they will have all the information about their company and all the completed and current project pictures and descriptions. Visit and click on the portfolios to view all the finished productions. Then by clicking on other tabs such as Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior you can see the wide variety of work we perform. Hester can do it all! Any homeowner that is in need of an update and is unfamiliar with color schemes should seek for professional help. As experts, Hester can guide you and save you time and stress during your process.

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