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Color Trends: Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Forecast

Have you ever wondered just what goes in to choosing the Color of the Year? This year our curiosity got the best of us here at Hester Painting and Decorating, and we decided to take a deeper look at this complex process. Whether it is Pantone, Sherwin Williams or one of the many other paint manufacturers out there, the evolution from ideas to color is extraordinary to follow.

Each paint manufacturer has a team of color marketing experts who are also experts in the fields of social science, pop culture, art, demographics, technology, spirituality and climate. Yes, each of these areas shape trends! “We get inspiration everywhere…including the world’s leading trend organizations,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. These multi-talented marketers’ study popular blogs, art exhibits, fluctuations in “hot” travel destinations, as well as social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz – even the economy and advances in science, technology and medicine show up in their research.

Each piece of research, new trend or observation is assigned a list of attributes. These attributes are then pinned on a board and aligned with their color personalities. Groupings of hues develop, and the end result ranges from a single color to a full palette. Can you imagine the size and intricacy of these boards as they develop over the course of a year? Truly fascinating!

All of us at Hester Painting and Decorating feel it is important to be on top of the latest color trends, so we can be a trusted resource to you! We are proud to share Sherwin-Williams’ 2016 Color Forecast. These palettes are guaranteed to delight!

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