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best paint finish for high traffic areas

Featuring Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X and Sherwin Williams Scuff Tuff

Maintaining high-traffic areas is an ongoing challenge. Whether you’re looking to upkeep an area in your home or commercial space, well-maintained surfaces can set the tone for your space and can even highlight the bold design accents and architectural details of your interior.

However, regular touch-ups can be time-consuming and, ideally, maintenance should be handled by a trusted team of professionals. Our teams use only the highest quality products to ensure that the job gets done right the first time, and that your surfaces stand the test of time- and traffic.

Benefits of SCUFF-X® Paint for High Traffic Areas

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X is a high-performance, one-component formula that’s renowned for being scuff-resistant, durable and washable.

This paint received lots of positive feedback from professionals and has already obtained several noteworthy awards. One of them is the Grand Award in the “Product Innovations Program category” of the 2017 BUILDINGS magazine issue.

Here are some of the benefits that make this top-quality paint sought-after for high traffic areas:

  • It is scuff-resistant and capable of withstanding abrasion and tough conditions;
  • It protects surfaces from wearing away, increasing their lifespan and reducing the necessity for frequent maintenance;
  • It’s simple to clean and can be washed multiple times;
  • The paint is single-component, meaning that you can easily apply it straight away (plus it dries quickly);
  • The formula contains additives that protect the surface from mildew and mold;
  • The color palette features thousands of options, catering to different needs and tastes.

Best Paint Sheen for High Traffic Residential Areas

The Ultra Spec SCUFF-X formula was designed to deliver long-lasting scuff resistance. This is why it is the best type of paint for high-traffic areas. Another option to use in high traffic areas is Sherwin William’s Scuff Tuff with a similar protective coating to reduce damages, scratches and scuff marks. Let’s take a look at where those paints can be applied in residential spaces.


best paint for high traffic areas

The entryway is the first area you encounter as you step across the threshold to your home. Opt for paint colors that provide visitors with a bold first impression, whether you want to use light colors to open up the entry to the rest of the home, or moodier dark tones to define the space.

Although you might not spend too much time in the foyer, this transition space is usually busy. It is best to opt for durable paint as this area is often exposed to scratches and attrition from shoes, umbrellas and visitors.


Every stylish kitchen has its own vibe. The chosen paint can give it a pure, fresh, and delicate feel or make the space eccentric if the shades are deep and saturated. But the main feature you should pay attention to when choosing kitchen paint is its cleanability, as this part of your home is sure to get messy. A paint that could be repeatedly washed can definitely prolong the lifespan of your kitchen.

Also consider that some parts of the kitchen walls are a common target for mold and mildew due to water, heat and humidity. Keeping that in mind, we always suggest paint formulas that can protect the surfaces from such hazards, such as Ultra Spec SCUFF-X and Scuff Tuff.


Passageways are also among the busier parts of a home that could benefit from scuff-resistant paint.

Commonly, corridors lack natural light, so lacquering the walls can help them reflect light and selecting a crisp white paint can make the area comfortable and inviting. Glossy surfaces are also simpler to clean, but be aware that these kinds of paint can unveil all the imperfections of the walls. Therefore, if you aim to have seamless, durable surfaces, it is best to contact an experienced team to make the right paint selections for your project.

Paint for High Traffic Commercial Areas

Even more than your home, commercial spaces experience a high amount of traffic. Based on the type of facility, there can be different needs that determine the suitable type of paint to use.


best paint type for high traffic areas

Hotels and other hospitality venues are places where people can relax and unwind, so the overall atmosphere should be welcoming. Clean, well-maintained common areas and guest rooms are one of the first things that customers will notice when they visit your business, so it is imperative that regular cleaning and care is performed.

Choosing the best paint for such purposes requires a great deal of consideration because guests check in and check out around the clock at hotels and restaurants that are usually open 7 days a week.

It is crucial to select long-standing paint that’ll be rather simple to maintain or fix up when required. Durability and how quickly paint dries are the key factors to prioritize aside from elegance. The last thing you’d want is to constantly deal with chipping and peeling paint, causing regular downtime that disturbs the comfort of your guests.

Schools & Colleges

Educational institutions also experience high traffic. In most cases, the audience in learning spaces is young and active, and this is why school surfaces need frequent maintenance.

Be it a classroom, cafeteria or a gym, durable high-quality paint can become a remedy that’ll withstand the constant rush and provide a friendly environment. Once again, Ultra Spec SCUFF-X and Scuff Tuff can be a good option.


paint for high traffic areas

Healthcare facilities prioritize the well-being of their patients. Interior paint in these types of facilities should be antimicrobial and free of toxins, prioritizing a formula’s ingredients that minimize all the negative effects on health. The paint used for medical venues must have a low or zero-VOC level and contain safe chemicals that don’t present any health hazards. Antimicrobial components like those in Ultra Spec SCUFF-X and Scuff Tuff are a benefit.

Furthermore, with all the commotion and movement in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, durable paint solutions can be a gamechanger.

Corporate Space

People spend a huge portion of their lives at work. Therefore, office space should be cozy, inviting, and at the same time, it must create a productive work environment.

Many employees visit office hallways, kitchens, and conference rooms, so there’s practically no way to avoid marks from chairs, doorknobs, shoes, etc. But you can use durable paint as a proactive measure that’ll safeguard your walls and prevent unnecessary expenses.


best paint colors for high traffic areas

Paint selected for a retail space can affect perception and user experience as soon as clients step foot into your store. You can add a modern touch with unexpected colors and subtle contrasts or choose a soothing color palette instead.

Again, paint durability and ease of maintenance are prominent factors, as many high-traffic areas of a store visited daily by many shoppers, such as fitting rooms, can suffer from scuffing. With a reliable paint solution, it’s easier to maintain a presentable look.

Best Paint Colors for High Traffic Areas - SCUFF-X®

Benjamin Moore offers a large selection of colors and shades. There are thousands of paint options, but here’s what is trending this year:

best paint sheen for high traffic areas

Ultra Spec SCUFF-X paint is also available in several sheens, which determines how shiny the paint will be.

  • Matte paint is best suited for surfaces that have imperfections, giving them a deep color and hiding their flaws.
  • Satin and Eggshell could be your sheen choice for high-traffic areas. Such paint is abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and has a smooth, refined glow.
  • Semi-Gloss is perfect for trimming or painting moldings. It adds an elegant shiny touch to perfectly smooth surfaces.

Paint plays a crucial role in creating sophisticated interiors. And while aesthetics are surely important, durability and a long lifespan should be taken into consideration as well.

Ideally, the chosen paint solution should look appealing, be simple to maintain, and capable of withstanding scuffing and attrition. Ultra Spec SCUFF-X by Benjamin Moore and Scuff Tuff by Sherwin Williams check all the boxes.

If you have any painting or decorating needs or wish to upgrade the appearance of your interiors, don’t hesitate to contact Hester Painting & Decorating for professional painting services.

We’ll be glad to assist!

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