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Cabinet Refinishing – Easy and (Economical!) Way to Refresh Your Interior

Does walking into your kitchen, office or library evoke the same emotion as looking outside at our dreary, cold winter – Yuck?! While you cannot do anything about the weather, you can update your interior without breaking the bank!

Cabinet refinishing is an easy, economical way to update any space in your home. It is faster and less messy than remodeling, and there are dozens of finishes and colors from which to choose.

Hester Painting and Decorating specializes in custom cabinet and furniture refinishing giving new life to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and individual pieces of wood furniture. We can also adapt armoires and built-in cabinetry to accommodate ever-changing technology such as big screen televisions and sound systems.

Customization is limited only by your imagination! Choose a new paint color, a subtle glaze, or a faux wood grain technique with stain. The possibilities are endless!

The photos above show one of Hester’s award-winning projects where we painted, antiqued and applied a striated glaze finish over the original cabinets. To minimize the inconvenience to you and the mess in your home, Hester removes the cabinet fronts and takes them back to our shop where most of the process is completed. Only the finishing touches are completed in your home to ensure perfection.

Hester Painting and Decorating’s Skokie showroom houses more than 20 cabinet door fronts with sample finishes. Stop by anytime, no appointment necessary – or call today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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