MJ Atelier Project Case Study

MJ Atelier is an art studio specializing in custom wallcoverings. They create unique, hand sculpted pieces of art that we then install on our clients’ walls. They are very large pieces, usually one large panel covering from corner to corner, which means that Hester Painting & Decorating has to use three of our craftsmen for the installation process in order to ensure that it is properly installed without flaws. Although it is a very labor-intensive process to install the wallcovering panels, this format eliminates the seems that are inevitable with other wallcoverings. Some of their wallcoverings require adding 3D elements after the wallcovering is installed.

In the gallery below you will see two different installations that Hester has done with MJ Atelier wallcoverings. Each of these projects is beautifully unique.


More Examples of Our Work

Wilmette Theater Restoration by Hester Painting & Decorating

February 22, 2023